Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why Change Your M.O. Now?

Okay, here we have Alex, extreme liberal young daughter of Mike. She's been the vehicle for Trudeau's views on gun control (last issue, open carry in Starbucks) and any other liberal agenda he sees fit to "comment" on. Her boyfriend, "Toggle (Leo DeLuca)," recent Iraq veteran. Up to this point, I thought perhaps, maybe, just maybe, since most soldiers are very conservative, we might see some sort of debate between political philosophies. Toggle's mother is a trailer trash biker lovin' ignorant mama with tats, cigarettes, and is a jab at conservatives. Like liberals all live in mansions and townhouses. The whole point is Leo wouldn't have gone into the military had he been born in more lucrative surroundings - he'd be a success instead of being forced to go into the service to make a living. He's a disadvantaged poor person with no chances, you see.

Even knowing all this, when I saw that last strip, I thought perhaps Mr. Trudeau might present a different POV, considering the implied conservative politics of his downtrodden protagonist.

Silly me. Of course, he's gonna have his poor military protagonist suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder toot suite. Every military character in the strip so far has, so why should Toggle be exempt? BD has it. Everyone in his support group has it - all veterans. Ray Hightower has it. Possible the only one not displaying PTSD is Jeff Redfern, who worked for the CIA in the sandbox rather than serve. He's off his nut as well, portaying "The Red Rascal," an invention of his supposed exploits in the Middle East that he even believes. But not PTSD yet.

Every veteran you and I know all suffer from PTSD to the point of being unable to function in society, don't we? I mean, you can't take one to the freaking Post Office for fear they'll open up and slaughter us all, right? Or Gawd forbid, go to a crowded Mickey D's for lunch without blood in the streets - am I right?

Of course not. In Trudeau's little mind, using veterans as a punching bag for unfair characterizations is fair game because they disagree with him. Using black stereotypes to make a point is automatically racist and unfair, but painting veterans with such a broad brush is A-OK. They should know better than to think the way they do, it's why they all go nuts, am I right?

Fucking asshole.

Ahhh, it's all cleverly solved now. Leo is taken back to his deepest inner fears from the battlefield by a bunch of privileged liberal kids whining. Now it all makes sense. Ha ha, isn't that funny.


drjim said...

I stopped reading Doonesbury years ago. I can't stand to see his tripe.

Earl said...

I once followed him religiously, because he had the best record of America in decline around - he did understand what was wrong, but he does have to feed a family and his friends and such can't be wrong about their view of the world, can they? Now I am reading Day by Day, which is a balanced approach to how America struggles with its decline.

Cartoonists do a fine job, remember all that we have left from some cave dwellers is pictures on the walls.

Bob's Blog said...

I agree completely with your fine analysis. Is he still married to Jane Pauley?

Jeffro said...

Wikipedia says they are, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau is a conundrum. He is supportive of soldiers and spends a lot of his time visiting them (when there is a war on). I saw him at a MIL blogger convention 2 years ago and my wife saw him in Desert Storm. Yet he is such a douchebag. In fairness, I think that he really does believe all veterans are traumatized by their service.

Jeffro said...

Thanks for stopping by, Professor!

You know, I've noticed his support of veterans as well, but we still see this. I suspect you are right. And, personally, I have to think most veterans who have seen action are traumatized in some way, but not to the degree Trudeau characterizes them.

I grew up among a bunch of WWII veterans, and they were just regular guys until the subject of their service and what they'd seen came up. What happened after that depended on the individual, but even then, I never saw anyone unable to cope.