Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Won't Sweep Under the Rug Anymore

Of course I speak of Operation Gun Runner, also known as Operation Fast and Furious. From my seat high up in the bleachers, it seems to me that we all owe a great debt to David Codrea of The War on Guns, and Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars. They kept hammering and pushing on the subject, and their continual railing eventually got some notice and some network television coverage through CBS. Even some liberal editorial cartoonists have noticed and chimed in.That started the ball rolling. Since then, the situation has been unraveling for the Obama administration - Holder's and Obama's statements about when they knew not matching up (Teh Won heard about it and had Holder investigating before Holder knew about it), the rewarding of major players with promotions, plus Eric Holder's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that he didn't know about it, and Janet Napolitano's assertion that not only didn't she know about it, but since it was an ATF operation, it had nothing to do with Homeland Security.


Mmmmkay. So, it's not their fault. There are two options. Either they didn't know because they're too incompetent to keep their cowboy underlings ( who, by the way, are all career bureaucrats whose culture demands they don't fart without permission in order to cover their asses) under control, or they are lying.

Gee, guess what I think.

Okay, time's up. I think they should all be canned. I think the White House knew about it and planned it, because this has the Obumbler administration fingerprints all over it. The stated goals were to trace the guns back to the drug lords in Mexico. I was in debate in high school for four years. When on the affirmative side, we had to propose a plan and promote and defend it in a series of speeches. In order to promote the plan, we always had to propose advantages that the plan would bring that the status quo was unable to provide. I have to think an advantage to their plan was that they could also stoke the fires against the Second Amendment by having proof of guns going across the borders to supply drug cartels. They've been hammering on that non existent issue for years, since the weapons that do cross the border are generally stolen, not bought by straw buyers. It's a fact that the Mexican drug lords get better value and selection for their money from arms merchants. In hindsight, this so called advantage surely seems far fetched to them now, but I also think the parties involved have such self inflated egos that they figured it would work, just because they thought of it. They've all been armchair quarterbacking for years with no experience, why would that change?

So, I think Teh Won oughta be impeached.

Do I think it will happen? Are you kidding? At most, some heads will roll and some will be tossed under the bus, maybe even Holder and Napolitano. After that, the flood walls of the mostly compliant press will contain any efforts to pin this on their Dear Leader. It's amazing to me that CBS is following this story as much as they have. I suspect this story is causing some pretty big rifts in Black Rock and above at Westinghouse's board meetings. And, GE, Viacom, Disney and Time-Warner have got to protect their investments, and that's just the visual media. Not having a Republican dominated Congress kinda shoots that idea right in the ol' buttocks, too.

I'm truly not going out on a limb to make that prediction. Think about it. Hang on and watch.


Earl said...

The operation was another example of stupid moves by the government, especially the BATFE. I would still like to find the genius and genesis of the articles about American arms going so easily across the border to the Drug Cartels. I think the earliest pre-date the effort to let guns walk, to PROVE it was happening.

Bob's Blog said...

I am glad you are jumping on this issue. Can you believe The Post's Mike Keefe is even cartooning about this? I agree with your analysis and your recommendations.