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This is Tarek Fatah. I got this video link in an email with this text:
If you never watch another video, please watch this one. The speaker is an Indian Muslim who is warning us to wake up. He has tremendous courage and pulls no punches on what is happening with Islamic fascism. Make sure you listen to the end of the tape where he says we now have three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House (and names them).He is elderly and in a wheel chair recovering from cancer treatments - perhaps that's why he has the courage to speak out. This is probably one of the most important messages of our day.

Well, I don't know if this is one of the most important messages of the day or not, but it does put a face on a lot of what some of us seem to think and the rest are afraid to name. It's a long video, but he's a good speaker and he has quite a message -surprisingly from a Canadian liberal activist and not a "Tea Party Crank," as the MSM would paint a US citizen. It's sure relevant even if we ain't Canadians.

H/T Lydell

Edit: I set this to auto post and when I checked this morning the latest Day by Day cartoon was in the space for the video. I have no idea what happened - I copied and pasted the video embed HTML once again and it all seemed the same, but the video appeared on the preview and the second publishing.


Anonymous said...

And there would be people, like the ones in the audience who gave this sly fox a standing ovation, who were naive and easily led and believe the cunning manipulator.

Look, I was inclined to share your sentiment up until I heard the words "Israeli apartheid"; I rewind it 3 times to be sure I didn't just imagine it.
Then @Wiki link you provided I came across this:

Although Fatah condemned Ahmadinejad for calling for Israel's destruction, he also stated that "we cannot remain silent about Israel's continued occupation of Palestinian territories."[16] While Fatah believes in Israel's right to exist, he has called the Israeli occupation as "illegal" and "immoral". He believes Israel is fueling antisemitism.[17]

The Muslim Canadian Congress, which Tarek Fatah founded and led till August 2006, supported the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel as of May 2006. The Congress also compared Israeli policies to South African apartheid.[18]

And then another lovely brushstroke - in 2003 he publicly denounced acknowledgment section of [Irshad Manji] book The Trouble with Islam. Fatah wrote of Manji's book that it "is not addressed to Muslims; it is aimed at making Muslim-haters feel secure in their thinking."[12] Manji replied saying that he told her in front of witnesses that "This book was written by the Jews for the Jews!"

I think he (and probably others) more sane muslims with power of observation for what the host countries around them are thinking of their community got scared of the popular sentiment and try to distance themselves from "islamic fascism". They are even prepared to make "brave" statements against anti-semitism, ( in the countries where they don't do not risk retaliation from their Muslim brethren), for better camouflage.

I don't trust the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Jeffro said...

And neither do I. I expect I was hearing what I wanted to hear without taking the time to learn more about Mr. Fatah.

Thanks, ETat for setting me straight. I should vet some of this stuff just a tad better before publishing it.

Anonymous said...

oh no, I didn't intend to "set your straight". I just followed you links and video; some things he said raised my eyebrow from the beginning ("I am/was a Marxist.."), but I thought - well, he might be making "I am reformed sinner" speech, and I listened along. Then the more he said, the more conflicted his thoughts seemed to me - right up until the Israeli apartheid moment. After that he didn't fool me anymore.

But I'm afraid, as Lex said in this thread (on H. Cain), "Most people in America are not obsessed with Israel and would not know what “right of return” means."
And so with Mr.Fatah' careful mixing of right and wrong in his propaganda, he might get a reputation for a fearless right-wing fighter and people will form associations based on his misrepresentations.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot the link to Lex