Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm A Man, Dammit!

Been doing a little YouTubing today and came up with this:


The original. Grade A 'Murrican, by Gawd!


Then some of them thar British Invaders worked it over.


Then a young Stevie Winwood wrote up something new with the same title. Love the Hammond organ.


Then The Chicago Transit Authority (which, of course became Chicago) had their own version. Apparently, they misunderstood the original Spencer Davis Group's lyrics.

Any of these versions will have me tuned in. Good stuff.


drjim said...

Great song!
I really like Chicago up until their 3rd album or so.
At that point they seemed to have gone too 'mainstream' for me, and started sounding more like they were writing stuff for Muzak to use in elevators!
But that first album? Whoo-Boy...great stuff!

Jeffro said...

I couldn't agree more about Chicago's decline - those later albums were yawners.