Monday, October 10, 2011


From the head firmly inserted into the rectal area dept:

My load today is an 8'x30'horizontal steel tank - it sits on stands like a propane tank. Legal load, right? Well, not with the fittings hanging out. There's plenty of blame to pass around there, so I'll leave it alone by saying I should have "signed up" in Kansas since we have annual oversize permits and insisted on getting one for Oklahoma - where I was taking this puppy.

Only I, the consummate professional, hadn't really checked his permit and registration book lately and the copy of my annual was expired. This would be what the nice Kansas DOT officer told me when he saw it. He'd pulled me over because he could see my load was overdimensional without the proper signs, flags and lights.

Then I whipped out the ol' CDL. Expired last birthday.

I have absolutely no memory of getting any sort of mailed renew notice. Unusual? Yep. Hell, I might have even got one and ignored it to my peril.

So I'm parked at a truck stop in Arkansas City. The officer let me move the rig from the side of the road to drive here. One of our owner operators is bobtailing to hook on to this trailer and deliver the load, and he's bringing one of our drivers to take my truck home, with me as a passenger.

Technically, I can't even drive to the DMV to renew my license, so I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I did not get a ticket for being oversize or having an expired permit, but I did get cited for the DL.

And I feel like a total moron, too.


jed said...

Well gosh darn it!

Will the boss buy the excuse that you were preoccupied with your excretory functions? :P

Jeffro said...

Kinda obsessively going beyond navel gazing? ;)

Earl said...

I used to read this blog by a truck driver... but he lapsed his certification approved by state agencies everywhere... now I am reading a grounded road pilot. But he can take care of it, just get the proper office open and forms filled out and give him the test in Chinese.

wv - exsit, the 99% way of explaining standing because one can't sit for a living?

Jinglebob said...

Read this yesterday but left no comment as I was in a hurry. Was hoping to see this all fixed this morning. How's it going? Or is that a real stupid question?

Jeffro said...

I've got my DL updated, but still parked for ....... other reasons. It may be a while, and when it's appropriate, I'll explain.