Friday, October 21, 2011

The Doobie Brothers

If you know me at all, you know The Doobie Brothers are one of my favorite all time desert island choices for a rock band, period, end of story, that's it. At least until their Stampede album - after that they kinda drifted from their trademark sound and As Far As I'm Concerned, they went downhill. Coincidentally that was the arrival of Michael McDonald, Jeff (Skunk) Baxter and the eventual exit of Tom Johnston. Of course, my mild dislike of McDonald might have something to do with that view as well. Just sayin.'

But anyways, everyone knows China Grove, Long Train Running, Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me), and Black Water. All great songs, but there are so many more. Since the AOR format is pretty well dead, unless you listen on SiriusXM, these are some of the songs that the programmers miss these days:


From Toulouse Street. Listen to the Music was the big hit.

The Doobie Brothers - Natural Thing by fragueur71



These are from The Captain and Me. Long Train Runnin' and China Grove were on this album.

The Doobie Brothers Tell Me What You Want (and I'll Give You What You Need) from shawnnhouston on Vimeo.


What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits debuted these two songs. Black Water was the big hit.


Probably the favorite here - from Stampede. This video uses the song as accompaniment for a different visual them other than the song itself, but, oh well. Then, just because, the end of I Cheat the Hangman as a lead in for China Grove, live:

The Doobie Brothers I Cheat the Hangman~China... by Randy_Rowland

Good stuff.


drjim said...

They're on my list, too, along with the Guess Who, the Alman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, and whole lot more!

Earl said...

We could be dating ourselves... but then we don't really care, do we?

wv - diasestr (product of no child left behind education?)

lisa said...

Nice to hear them again, I listen to country in the car and forget sometimes the older rock that we used to listen too.