Saturday, March 31, 2012

Celebrations Are In Order!!!!

Have a Happy Bunsen Burner Day!!!!

H/T Dave Barry

Moral Relevance

Because, G_d knows, the Castro regime has equal moral relevance to the Catholic Church. Castro has such a  history of humanitarian acts all over the world, just like the Catholics. Oh, wait......

Jimmy Margulies - if you really believe this, frankly, you deserve repeated kicks in the nads. Just sayin.'

It's Different

Yep, there's the NRA with tons 'o money throwing it around like it's, Media Matters or something. Jus' turrubul, tut, tut, tut.

Of course, the NRA is diametrically opposite of The Brady Campaign, so there should be some balance in the ol' universe there, right? Except they're going broke. Seems no one supports them anymore. Boo hoo hoo. Sad pandas.

But we still have to denigrate the NRA for giving money to politicians, cuz agenda driven conservatives doing that very thing that us progressives do is bad, bad, bad. Why, there oughta be a law.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Riggin'


French country and western? Who knew???

H/T Nunkle Kim

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Love the Smell of Burning Rubber in The Morning

It smells like...........


Yeah, you all know I'm a gearhead, and what's more I know I am not alone. Today, I read that the show Alcatraz (never seen) had an homage to the best chase scene ever, which, of course had  Steve McQueen as Bullitt driving in the movie of the same name (YouTube link, clip nearly eleven minutes long).


This chase scene isn't nearly as long, but you can definitely see the scene setups are copied from the original. The way the driver of the Charger cuts people off cornering, hoping to use them as a blocker, the appearance of the green VW a couple times, catching a bit of air on the hills and so on. While it wasn't nearly as long or cover more of a variety of San Francisco streets and the neighboring countryside, it was still pretty cool.

You know, hammering on cars and making tire smoke, listening to the engines sing their song - why that's better than I Can't Drive 55 to get the ol' blood flowing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Bow in Scott Adam's General Direction

Scott, on his blog today, answered if his editors reject a cartoon. He said it was rare, and this one was rejected yesterday, perhaps he went too far?

I like it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Found In the Spam Trap

Found this comment by - surprise - an anonymous poster on this post.

ummm, what happened is the white/ latino crazy guy George murdered a black kid who was walking home with Skittles and an ice tea...he flat out killed the black kid in cold blood, and yet you and your gun nut friends spew racist bullshit about 'lunch mobs' which just proves my observation that ignorant/ insane gun nuts don't know the meaning of the word 'irony'...sweet holy jeebus what a buncha hateful fuckin' morons
So, nice to know YOU were there and I'm sure the grand jury will be calling upon you to testify. Good to know now that you really were an eye witness, or your crystal ball was really tuned in, or you drank the right kind of KoolAid. I guess just saying the New Black Panther Party call him a white guy and put out a $10k bounty on Zimmerman makes me a racist. Hmmm. Not sure how that works. I didn't call him anything. You just did, though, so methinks you abuse the term racist a tad bit.

Irony? You haz it - you just fell into the same characterizations I was condemning, thus proving my point. Moron? I may be a moron, but I'm not proposing "lunch mobs." I hope I don't get mobbed at lunch. That would be bad.

You are full of assumptions - have you ever heard of the definition of assume? Make an ass out of you and me? Well, me, not so much in this case. If it is proven that Zimmerman shot the kid in cold blood I'll be right there with everyone else calling for his head, because the "Stand Your Ground" law does NOT make it legal to shoot someone over a disagreement. Us gun nuts are kinda touchy about people who endanger others in situations like that, not that it's ever occurred to you to notice. If, however, it is proven that Zimmerman was attacked and injured, and was justified, I'd expect you to apologize for your poor behavior. If you'd been born with any sense or manners, none of which you display now.

Personally, I do not carry open or concealed. I generally have a gun close to hand, just like I do certain other tools as well. I guess I'm also a hammer nut, because I don't go without one of them handy. Or a wrench nut, because I've learned my life is far easier carrying a full set of metrics and SAE wrenches, as well as socket set. Socket nut, anyone? I also carry wire ties, the better to handcuff you with, should you attempt to attack me. Oh, yeah, I use them for tons of other things to. So, I'm a wire tie nut. I just cannot get along without my heavy cheater bar at work, so I'm a dangerous dude carrying that heavy striking instrument with me. I must be a cheater bar nut, too. I bet if I walk into a bank carrying that puppy and scowling, I'd attract all kinds of attention. Better get to dissing tool users, dude. That is what a gun is in the flyover Wild Wild West. You're slipping by missing that opportunity, man.

And it's nice to know you are so proud of your opinions that you sign your name, Mr. Anonymous. I've never met anyone with that name before, so this is all new to me. It's good to see you have the moral fortitude to claim your comments as strictly your own. So, I'll "give" you that. Heh.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Those Of You Who Don't Use an RSS Feed Reader

Rachel Lucas seems to be posting regularly again - she's just as sharp, funny, introspective and observant as always. Still living in Italy, probably for several more years.

Sunday Funnies

Hah! It's been a while since I've done one of these, plus I've been leaving Jeffy and his round headed siblings alone. Not! I've been saving 'em up to inflict their treacly goodness on you! You shall not escape!

Jeffy will always be an analog kid in a digital world. No hope.

Oh boy, a dog named Barfy is licking everyone! Considering what dogs generally find tasty (kitty tootsie rolls, for instance), and also thinking about a dog named "Barfy" - well, I'm sorry, but this is all kinds of wrong, wrong, wrong.

Uhmm, what? And Billy is kinda sorta the smart one?

Jeffy, it's called egocentrism. You need help.

Be still my beating heart, I can hardly wait.

Humans are tool using primates. Jeffy is.........

It's called egocentrism, Dolly. Look into it.

Ol' Pappy finally notices what the rest of the world has known and wondered about for years! Sheesh!

Funky Winkerbean. Meh. This strip has become morose, maudlin, agonizingly mundane, and completely humor free. And this is an example of how good Batuik is at politics - he's definitely a liberal progressive, and this strip shows the best analytic defense of global warming he is capable of. I advise sticking with a non funny humor strip.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Don't Know

The Trayvon Martin mess has me fairly pissed off, mostly at the media, the "anti-gun" crowd, and our President. We don't know what happened, period. What the press has been fed is that George Zimmerman, a Hispanic neighborhood watch member and a conceal carry permit holder, called 911 to report a suspicious person. The dispatcher told him not to follow what turned out to be Trayvon Martin, a black kid. After that point, the details are sketchy at best, but that hasn't kept the press and the anti-gun bunch from dancing in his blood.

Two links here - one from Massad Ayoob, who basically says "let's wait and see what the evidence has to say." The other is from Farmer Frank W. James, who boils it down to "I don't trust the media." Both have very pertinent things to say, and you should read them, if you have not.

Some things I have taken from all this:

This guy is a white guy. The Black Panthers think so. If he'd just crossed the border with his back wet from the Rio Grande, he'd be a poor downtrodden undocumented immigrant. But since he took on a black kid, he's as fly as a white guy. He's a honky MF with skin as white as any bigoted KKK member under the sheet.

Our President is a uniter, not a divider. Remember when he said that? I'll expect some comments directed at the black attackers of a white kid in Kansas City who doused their victim with gasoline and hurled racial taunts at him while he burned. Yep, he's a real leader - that denouncement for a racial hate crime oughta be coming real soon, I expect. Jump on that bandwagon, Dear Leader. I expect to hear crickets from the White House if Zimmerman is exonerated, and no one in the main stream media would ever question him on it.

You, me and everyone else DO NOT KNOW what happened. But, let's call for lynch mobs in editorials and hang that racist bastard as well as repeal that DANGEROUS LAW that lets vigilantes deal out their own brand of justice rather than letting the cops handle it. Yep, the press is right on it. Of course, the thought that the cops were called, and this happened, kinda shows how life saving a move that is. Plus, there are several liberal organizations funding all this - why, they don't have agendas, now do they???

Then we have the press. The police didn't arrest Zimmerman for murder. As much as we all like to demean the cops for bad shootings, selective enforcement, covering for fellow officers and the like - mostly the aggregate does pretty well at a job none of the rest of us want. As high a profile case as this is, and considering what kind of political animals that police management usually are, if there was any evidence that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense but out and out murdered Martin, they'd be piping sunlight to him. But, instead, he walks free, which drives the liberal crowd nuts. They've anointed young Trayvon as an angel, and Zimmerman as a bastard white killer, so it must be true no matter the facts.

I'll believe all that if Zimmerman is convicted of murder and not until then. Until then, there is supposedly a legal tradition in this country - innocent until proven guilty. Can you imagine the outrage if the facts do not support the narrative? Will there be rioting in the streets? Bet that'll help.

Edited 04/06/2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I sure don't think the oil supply is endless, but take a look around and open your eyes, you statist cartoonist! The peak oil doomsdayers have had to readjust their end of days scenarios how many times now? We're finding more and  more oil than the "known supplies" of the past? The known reserves have proven to be far greater than the original projections?

If you wanna shut out the lights, live in a cave, and eat the vegetables you grow, feel free to jump right on that. Just leave me outta your plans. Oh wait, you want ME to do all that so YOU can live the life you've become accustomed to. Well, never mind.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Link Dump

Just some interesting reads today - thought I'd share.

Bristol Palin asks why the President hasn't contacted her like he did Sandra Fluke because of the mean things said about her - Rush was all over Fluke, and million dollar SuperPAC donor Bill Maher was all over Bristol, and she wonders about the partisanship of our President.

Is there really a "War On Women?" This lady has a REAL problem with the concept.

Everyone knows TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch), and that Facebook really isn't free - the data they gain makes them tons. Just how does that data apply to you and your actions on Facebook? This article goes a long way towards explaining it all - it's a good read. Keep that is mind the next time some app wants complete access to your information just so you can play a game that runs you through even more hoops like a lab rat in a maze. Some are saying sooner or later consumers will have to revolt and demand payment for the use of that kind of data, but for now, we're all idiots and do it for free for them. Personally, I have no hope of any of the average users having the intelligence to realize they're being manipulated, particularly when they still think liking some post or another will automatically drop a dollar from Bill Gates or whomever into some mythical cancer sufferer or the like. Just like the idiot emails (forward this or you'll go to hell, your hard drive's zero section where all the important data is kept will go kaput, you're not patriotic like seven percent who do forward and so on) - it's the same people doing the same thing - been on the internet for ten or fifteen years and have not learned a thing.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Math


Clearly this woman's skills lie elsewhere, so to speak.

H/T Ace of Spades

Hate With The Heat Of A Thousand White Hot Suns

I have grown to detest these "animal" representatives of Geico insurance enough that I doubt if I'll ever be a customer of theirs, just because of how they've irritated me over the years. I wasn't too happy with 'em when they were among the first insurance outfits to increase fees for personal use of radar detectors. Now, they just piss me off. So, which one annoys you the worst? I'm leaning towards the pig.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Count Me In

I am an old fart.

H/T Kevin

That's Adorable


This video may me a bit much for work, depending on the humor climate there.......

I think the concept is a winnah! Ya don't have to hire waitresses a la Hooters (with all the expenses), and you aren't refusing service to those who don't qualify! Win, win, win!!!

H/T Eddie

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hearing is Believing


Better'n Viagra, they say~

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'd bet we got up to eighty degrees today. Frankly, I'm not ready, plus I was promised snow with my winter, and we ain't got none of that.

One thing tourists inevitably notice while traveling through the Golden Beef Triangle are the feedlots and in particular, the smell. When it's cold, the smells are reduced. However, when it warms up, it's like all those special odors are freed at once, because the intensity of the nasal assault just seems worse. So, with that, I give you a post from the past:

Ode to the Feedlots

The wintertime masks the odour of the feedlot, you think
When driving by the smell isn't so bad the stink
Isn't an overwhelming presence just a mild after taste
From all those cattle's massed body waste
The skein of ice over the lagoon surface
Hides Natures ultimate purpose
For when the cheery Springtime Sun heat
Warms the copious fetid treat
A fragrant explosion assaults the senses
When motoring by those complicit fences
The Little Tree® air freshener hides and cries
And moans and screams and finally dies
The dense, wafting wall of emanation
Surely is unequaled in all of creation
Overcome by dizziness in the cloud of effluvium
One wonders if there is a requiem
For the slaughtered nerves in one's nose
Flooded like a tincture of fire hose
The Old Timers! Look and see
It's nothing but the smell of money!
I'll agree with this only
When me and my nose are safely free!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've spoken before about the herd of buffalo north of Scott City, KS that I've so far been unable to capture on camera. Turns out one of the local papers has a pretty good article about the herd and the owners, plus another herd near Syracuse, KS and the family's hunting business and "lodge" as well.

The herd north of Scott City is owned by the Duff family. They sell the meat on their website: Duff Meats. They ship with dry ice and FedEx, and offer grass fed and grain fed meat. The grain feeding is done at a local feedlot. I can assure you the normal feedlot construction of pens is not enough for buffalo - instead of welded steel pipe, drill stem is usually required for it's strength. Buffalo can go right through a pipe fence. They also offer for charge tours for groups during their season, also offered through their website.

They sell meat to a hamburger joint in Garden that I need to visit - Herb's Carryout, and a butcher in Scott City carries some of their stuff, too. Online, the cheapest meat is their grass fed hamburger at about eight bucks a pound, and it's gonna be pretty lean. They sell patties at 85% lean as well.

I've had buffalo meat before, but the last time I was probably a teenager. I remember it had a richer flavor than beef, and it was quite tender.

At any rate, one thing that video proves is that buffalo will chase after tasty treats just like cattle!

Saturday, March 10, 2012



Break out the booze and the painkillers, schweethart. Warning for language.

H/T Darin

I Don't Care Who You Are


This commercial is awesome. Needs a "LIKE" button, or perhaps I spend too much time on The Facebook.

Too Bad

We can't all be dazzling Los Angeles urbanites like Jeff Danziger. Yuh nose wen yur frum thuh South, you iz nuthin' but uh ray cist redneck, and ignernt to boot, y'all.

Jeffro, We Have Good News, And Bad News

Which would you like to hear first, Mr. Jeffro?

Oh, give me the good news first.

Christina likes to get naked

Well, alrighty then! That's damn fine news!

But the bad news is that she only feels comfortable being nekked in front of her hubby.

Damn! She ain't married to me! Crap!

Oh well.....

Pic from this page, more there as well.

Friday, March 09, 2012

If You Think About It

Of course it would!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Mrs. Brown


Warning - adult content. "Fecking." Heh.

H/T Ant Gail

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Blowing In The Wind

So, he's posting a picture of a foggy day, so what?!?! Nope, unfortunately, that is dirt in the air. This was taken last Tuesday, and visibility at that spot was about a half mile. Where a field was blowing across the road it was more like thirty yards, and I just didn't feel like screwing with a camera in that mess, on that highway.

We're still drier than a popcorn fart, and it's been windy all week. Tuesday was worse - some areas of Kansas reported straight line winds in excess of eighty miles per hour. We only saw sixty or so. That was another reason I didn't want to be involved taking a picture in the poor visibility - I was kinda busy keeping my heavy gas hog pickup on the stinking road.

What a mess.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rrrrrrr. Gorgon LIKE Archery!

My inner primitive that is.

More Christina here.

H/T Wyatt