Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funnies

Hah! It's been a while since I've done one of these, plus I've been leaving Jeffy and his round headed siblings alone. Not! I've been saving 'em up to inflict their treacly goodness on you! You shall not escape!

Jeffy will always be an analog kid in a digital world. No hope.

Oh boy, a dog named Barfy is licking everyone! Considering what dogs generally find tasty (kitty tootsie rolls, for instance), and also thinking about a dog named "Barfy" - well, I'm sorry, but this is all kinds of wrong, wrong, wrong.

Uhmm, what? And Billy is kinda sorta the smart one?

Jeffy, it's called egocentrism. You need help.

Be still my beating heart, I can hardly wait.

Humans are tool using primates. Jeffy is.........

It's called egocentrism, Dolly. Look into it.

Ol' Pappy finally notices what the rest of the world has known and wondered about for years! Sheesh!

Funky Winkerbean. Meh. This strip has become morose, maudlin, agonizingly mundane, and completely humor free. And this is an example of how good Batuik is at politics - he's definitely a liberal progressive, and this strip shows the best analytic defense of global warming he is capable of. I advise sticking with a non funny humor strip.

1 comment:

Dad Bones said...

"Too much mac and not enough roni."

"Her face can cure hiccups!"

Those were my two favorite lines!