Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've spoken before about the herd of buffalo north of Scott City, KS that I've so far been unable to capture on camera. Turns out one of the local papers has a pretty good article about the herd and the owners, plus another herd near Syracuse, KS and the family's hunting business and "lodge" as well.

The herd north of Scott City is owned by the Duff family. They sell the meat on their website: Duff Meats. They ship with dry ice and FedEx, and offer grass fed and grain fed meat. The grain feeding is done at a local feedlot. I can assure you the normal feedlot construction of pens is not enough for buffalo - instead of welded steel pipe, drill stem is usually required for it's strength. Buffalo can go right through a pipe fence. They also offer for charge tours for groups during their season, also offered through their website.

They sell meat to a hamburger joint in Garden that I need to visit - Herb's Carryout, and a butcher in Scott City carries some of their stuff, too. Online, the cheapest meat is their grass fed hamburger at about eight bucks a pound, and it's gonna be pretty lean. They sell patties at 85% lean as well.

I've had buffalo meat before, but the last time I was probably a teenager. I remember it had a richer flavor than beef, and it was quite tender.

At any rate, one thing that video proves is that buffalo will chase after tasty treats just like cattle!


Anonymous said...

For a while I could get buffalo burgers at Smokey Bones or Ruby Tuesday. Also Red Ted's Montana Grill but I would never set foot in one of those places.

Smokey and Ruby have dropped buffalo from their menu now, so I'm bereft even though there's a Red Ted's just over the county line in Peachtree City. Anyone who doubts me when I say I'll never vote for some politician should consider what I give up to honor my vow not to buy anything from Ted Turner.

drjim said...

Yeah, buffalo is great stuff!
When I worked at Fermilab they had quite a herd of buffalo going. The herd got so big that one year they butchered a couple for the "company" picnic.

Jeffro said...

I didn't even know he was in the restaurant biz. Considering where the locations are, it's not likely I'd even be tempted to partake at one of his establishments - not that I would. I'm not into handing capitalist bucks over to socialists, either.

Anonymous said...

"Bisons don't do well in confined spaces, they kinda go crazy":
just like tourists from Cansas in Manhattan!

they look so fluffy and cuddly in the first 2 min of the video
going up-n-down, up-n-down
but I wouldn't want to be on their way or even attempt to pet their calves...

Jeffro said...

Dern straight! I'd bet I'd be like a mad buff were I to get caught in the skyscraper environs plus all the people on Manhattan!