Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too Bad

We can't all be dazzling Los Angeles urbanites like Jeff Danziger. Yuh nose wen yur frum thuh South, you iz nuthin' but uh ray cist redneck, and ignernt to boot, y'all.


lisa said...

Boy, I sure have missed coming over to your blog, never a dull moment!

Jeffro said...

Snork! Reminds me I need to visit you more often as well!

Anonymous said...

I like the doggie on a hot tin roof.

How R U, J?

Jeffro said...

Been pretty busy, which means I've been too pooped at night to post.

Next Friday I have a sleep study scheduled to see if I need a CPAP machine at night. I'd bet I'll end up with one. Maybe I won't be so tired all the time, I hope.

My new doctor also figured since I'm over fifty and haven't had a colonoscopy, it was time for that as well. I'll probably not post details, but you never know, particularly if something strikes me as funny!

Anonymous said...


Good luck with the docs