Sunday, March 04, 2012

Blowing In The Wind

So, he's posting a picture of a foggy day, so what?!?! Nope, unfortunately, that is dirt in the air. This was taken last Tuesday, and visibility at that spot was about a half mile. Where a field was blowing across the road it was more like thirty yards, and I just didn't feel like screwing with a camera in that mess, on that highway.

We're still drier than a popcorn fart, and it's been windy all week. Tuesday was worse - some areas of Kansas reported straight line winds in excess of eighty miles per hour. We only saw sixty or so. That was another reason I didn't want to be involved taking a picture in the poor visibility - I was kinda busy keeping my heavy gas hog pickup on the stinking road.

What a mess.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a sandstorm in Sahara...w/o the glamor but w/ better roads.

Stay firmly connected to Earth!

Anonymous said...

Kansas: where even the dirt flies south for the winter.

Jeffro said...

We were getting a fair amount of Oklahoma that day.