Monday, March 19, 2012

Link Dump

Just some interesting reads today - thought I'd share.

Bristol Palin asks why the President hasn't contacted her like he did Sandra Fluke because of the mean things said about her - Rush was all over Fluke, and million dollar SuperPAC donor Bill Maher was all over Bristol, and she wonders about the partisanship of our President.

Is there really a "War On Women?" This lady has a REAL problem with the concept.

Everyone knows TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch), and that Facebook really isn't free - the data they gain makes them tons. Just how does that data apply to you and your actions on Facebook? This article goes a long way towards explaining it all - it's a good read. Keep that is mind the next time some app wants complete access to your information just so you can play a game that runs you through even more hoops like a lab rat in a maze. Some are saying sooner or later consumers will have to revolt and demand payment for the use of that kind of data, but for now, we're all idiots and do it for free for them. Personally, I have no hope of any of the average users having the intelligence to realize they're being manipulated, particularly when they still think liking some post or another will automatically drop a dollar from Bill Gates or whomever into some mythical cancer sufferer or the like. Just like the idiot emails (forward this or you'll go to hell, your hard drive's zero section where all the important data is kept will go kaput, you're not patriotic like seven percent who do forward and so on) - it's the same people doing the same thing - been on the internet for ten or fifteen years and have not learned a thing.

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