Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Riggin'


French country and western? Who knew???

H/T Nunkle Kim


lisa said...

That is awesome, I wonder how those big guy's fit in that little bitty thing ;)

Jeffro said...

They would have to be using the "sleeper" compartment as part of the cab just for leg room and such. I'd bet the firewall under that hood us much further forward than a full sized one, too.

jed said...

Yo, 'Fro! We heard you liked tractor-trailers, so we put a Kenworth in your Kenworth so you could drive a truck while you drive your truck.

C&W in French sounds OK to me. Makes me think of Zydeco a bit. Mandarin, e.g., wouldn't wok so well.

Speaking of music, I'm disappointed the not one of the bloggers I read has mentioned Earl Scruggs.

Jeffro said...

Snork! Mandarin C&W would probably be some hair pulling goodness!

I think most of the references I've seen about Earl Scruggs was on Twitter and Facebook.