Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hate With The Heat Of A Thousand White Hot Suns

I have grown to detest these "animal" representatives of Geico insurance enough that I doubt if I'll ever be a customer of theirs, just because of how they've irritated me over the years. I wasn't too happy with 'em when they were among the first insurance outfits to increase fees for personal use of radar detectors. Now, they just piss me off. So, which one annoys you the worst? I'm leaning towards the pig.


drjim said...

Would he then be "Celebrity Bacon"??

Mo K. said...

Can't stand the pig, either. And he's such a smug little bastard on top of it. Nothing cute about him. I like what my brother-in-law wrote on a Facebook post about Geico commercials: "I want to send Geico a picture of a smoking ham with two pinwheels stuck in it...before it gets hit by a truck. Maybe eaten by a shark."

Jeffro said...

Hah! Love the imagery, Mo!