Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Report Card

Yep, I'm simple minded. I like cartoons that illustrate an issue. This one contrasts Obama's statements in the past about specific issues and the results his policies have generated. No fair blaming Bush here. The buck never stops at the big O's desk, does it? The only place the bucks stop are in the pockets of his major contributors - unions and companies like Soylandra.

This illustration was made by John E at Ace of Spades. You may have to go to his Flickr page to view the picture in a larger size. I uploaded several larger sizes, but Blogger only wants to allow a 289x1600 pixel image. For me in this browser, anyhow.

Do go to the unions link  -the dirty reality of campaign funding is that the biggest contributors are not evil Republican big businesses, but rather strongly Democratic fund raising institutions and labor unions - but I repeat myself. The facts are far different from what the progressive press and liberal politicians scream, eh?

So, tell me fifty two percenters, how's that Hope N' Change working out for ya?


Anonymous said...

I guess I'll keep quiet, since I'm not in 52%.
Or maybe I'll venture another guess - that H&C is working fine for the target audience - if they are in the union or got a sinecure job @government agency...

Jeffro said...

Heh - not working so hot for the USPS though! Really tears me up, it does.