Thursday, October 13, 2011

Git 'Em, Tim!

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by Rebecca White KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

5:19 p.m. CDT, October 13, 2011

Republican Kansas Congressman, Tim Huelskamp (KS-01), challenged billionaire investor Warren Buffett to release his full tax return last month. Buffett has said he earned $62 million in 2010 but was only required to pay taxes on 17.4% of his income – a number that Buffett believes is far too low.

Buffett wrote an opinion article for the New York Times in August saying the government needs to stop “coddling” the super-rich and argues the very wealthy can often find loopholes and special investments that keep them from paying regular tax rates on portions of their income.

The billionaire says federal law allows him to pay a lower tax rate than his secretary. But the Wall Street Journal editorial board and some conservatives have questioned Buffet’s claim.

Huelskamp says he doesn’t believe every private citizen should be required to release their tax information when they become involved in the public political process but says, “when you have one man who would like a new tax law named after him, and the President has suggested that, the ‘Buffett rule’, I think it’s only fair that we examine the basis for that claim.”

President Obama recently introduced a proposal, which has become known as the “Buffett rule”, that would ensure that taxpayers who make more than $1 million each year are taxed at the same rate as most middle class Americans.

Huelskamp says the problem is not a taxing problem but that Washington has a spending problem. “The President is trying to avoid is the issue of spending,” said Huelskamp. “That’s the direction we’re trying to take that discussion.”

Huelskamp has called on Buffett to release his tax returns. The Congressman says he will release his tax returns when Buffett releases his full tax information.

Warren Buffett says he’s not interested in seeing Huelskamp’s tax return. However, Buffett says he would release his tax information if other “ultra-rich” tax payers, like Fox News and Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdock, agree to release theirs.

Huelskamp says this is “a very special situation” based on what one man is claiming on his tax returns and doesn’t believe that everyone involved in advocating a public policy should be required to reveal tax information.

“I don’t think everybody should be required and neither should I, but we made that offer,” said Huelskamp. “If you want to show us the proof, and see if it’s really there Mr. Buffett, we’d be happy to share our tax returns as well.”

Huelskamp says that, in the end, he hopes to focus the discussion on “a flatter, simpler, fairer tax code.” He says, “We don’t need more taxes, we need more tax payers.”

To watch the full interview, click here.

Yeah, that's right, that's MY Congressman! Put up or shut up, Mr. Buffet!

Yes, it has so far been a pretty good natured exchange of barbs, but I think Representative Huelskamp made his point. I've been pretty pleased with his legislative performance when he was our State Senator. Ultra conservative, religious, stands on his principles (stubborn, I like), responds to his constituents - the list goes on. He's from Fowler, KS - just south of here, and he's our hometown guy in the Capital.

This won't be the last time we hear his name in the national news, and we have hope for the future in him as well.

Go get 'em, Tim. We're behind you all the way.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't read Russian, Jeff - I almost linked a post by one of my LJ buddies written as if in answer to you and Rep. Huelskamp - then I remembered you don't.
But he has two English links worked into the text, which will do, too.

Jeffro said...

Thanks, Tatyana. I had read mentions of the subjects both articles covered, particularly Berkshire Hathaway's dispute with the IRS, but not in that detail.

Occasionally, I run your Russian posts through Google's machine translator, but the results are - somewhat disappointing. Programmers haven't mastered syntax yet.

Anonymous said...

You do? darn. And here I was, trying to hide my thoughts in plain view.

At least you don't brag of doing internet searches on me.
I had an acquaintance once who thought as long as he informed me about it he remained a decent man, not intruding on private life...

Jeffro said...

That kind of crap has never appealed to me. What good would having that kind of information do for me? If you wanted people to know your personal data - you'd inform everyone. Good enough for me.

I use Google translate for a variety of languages I encounter on the web. I've never learned another language, and find it useful. It leaves a lot to be desired, but I can at least gain an understanding about what is being said - Latin quotes and Spanish, mostly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, so I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
[Btw, he told me that he was researching me on the net with a kind of...pride, or something, I can't find the right word for it. It's as if he thought I should be flattered.]

I was joking about the translation, Jeffro. I write in Russian sometimes when it is easier for me, vocabulary-wise. Instead of finding parallel idioms in English I'd rather do a quick post in Russian - especially since majority of my readers are bilingual. Still, a lot of people (on both sides of the divide) are complaining.

Jeffro said...

, a lot of people (on both sides of the divide) are complaining.

Meh. Perhaps there is some sort of cultural thinking I'm missing, but if you feel more expressive in Russian - hey, it's your blog.

I use several "voices" here - a lot of the time I write more or less as I speak - as a rural resident of Western Kansas, or a more professional tone. Depends on how I feel or what kind of message I'm trying to convey. I have a lot of fun when I'm "speaking" country boy, y'all!

Anonymous said...

...and that makes for a delightful reading.

Jeffro said...

[blushes] Thanks, Tatyana. I think just as highly about your writing - your extensive command of English vocabulary mixed with your Russian idioms makes for a different flavor of writing for this farm boy. Plus your precise and analytical approach to the subject at hand appeals to my inner engineer, and your love of beauty in many forms trips my trigger, because I fail to look for or see much of what you capture.

Anonymous said...

Then prepare for more beauty shots. Tomorrow and on Sunday, as I warned y'all before, is OHNY weekend. And I intend to take ton of pictures!
[thanks. now it's my turn to blush]