Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Apple of Their Eye

Steve Jobs - RIP.

Yannow, I made it a point - publicly - to distance myself from his products, mostly because the fanboi cult turned me off. However, there is no denying the impact he had on consumer electronics and in fact the entire business world. He was not only a design genius, he was a marketing guru as well. How many of us still think of him as David to Bill Gate's Microsoft giant? Even though David is the richest corporation in the world at the moment? That's a good job of selling, period. After his retirement, the maintenance of that lofty perch was called into doubt, but there was the comforting idea (for Apple's supporters, anyways) that Jobs was still in the background. No more, and who knows what we've lost. No - I'm not talking about iPhone XXVI or any such thing - what sort of other ventures would he have explored in a healthy retirement - a la Bill and Melissa Gates?

I got to thinking about a picture for this post, and decided to make that one. I've never fooled with Gimp much, but I did figure out layers a little bit, I think.

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drjim said...

Well done!
I'm a GIMP user, too.