Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Hallow's Eve

Happy Halloween*, everyone!

*Brought to you by your brain starved zombie host.**

**Just not starved of much of anything else.


threecollie said...

That last pic was pretty scary....just sayin'. lol Happy Halloween

Anonymous said...

agree with the previous commenter.
especially inspired is the Inner Light streaming from the Mirrors of Soul*.

*(See Cornelius a Lapide)

Jeffro said...

The "eyes" have it, eh ETat?

Anonymous said...

undoubtedly they do

Anonymous said...

That spectral vision should reveal itself to the guests of the Palace Hotel in SF!

Much more...juicy than anemic French girls appearing in the kitchen or dead Presidents in the library

Jeffro said...

I've got all the psychic senses of a lump of coal.

drjim said...

Happy Halloween!

I went back and read your 2008 post.
All *I* have to say is that "As a child, the banshees in Darby O'Gill scared the living CRAP out of me!"

Jeffro said...

drjim: Me too!