Thursday, December 31, 2009



Guaranteed to make a certain bodily orifice pucker up immediately if not before! Some of these were simply accidents. The dry van that "drops a wheel" on the gradual left curve - sometimes those shoulders really drop. The flatbed at the railroad crossing? Moron Fail. I have no idea how a driver could have his end dump in the air and try to drive under an overpass. The other end dump that fell over while unloading - this happens all the time with those long beds - one side hangs up and creates an imbalance - and over she goes! The Target shopping carts? Two words. Load lock. One segment with a dry van semi passing at high speed on a curve looks like a brake failure on a mountain pass - but I didn't see any smoking brakes. Probably just a loose nut behind the wheel - which isn't confined to the States, apparently.

Just remember - not all the drivers out there are seasoned professionals, and even they (including me) make mistakes! I hope I've made y'all feel more secure on our nation's highways and byways! Sleep well tonight, America!

H/T Hoss

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