Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Are Your New Year's Eve Plans???

Hmmmm. Detect a common thread here? I guarantee you it's what I'll be up to - which ain't much. I've got what's left of a bottle of rum that started it's residence in this ol' place much closer to the beginning of this decade than the end - I might just have to mix a rum and Diet Pepsi for the New Year. Yeah, I know, how exciting! Such is life.

How about some cowboy poetry to start off the New Year? Robert Dennis sums up the year that was at his family's ranch. Good Stuff! threecollie (Marianne Friers) and Earl (Just the Library Keeper) remind us of the blue moon visible now. More posts to be added later if I find 'em and remember to do so!

So, let's hope and pray that 2010 is a good year to all of us. Happy New Year, one and all!


drjim said...

Headed over to my future brother-in-law's place for a "Family Game Night".

Hmmm...wv: NORAD
Now that's interesting!

threecollie said...

Happy New Year, Jeff, it has been good visiting here all year. Thanks for your kind words, which, as always, mean a lot. Stay safe out there.