Monday, December 28, 2009

I Dont Care Who You Are


This 'Cuda is frakking cool! Five minute video, but if you are a gearhead, you will watch. Yes, you will.

H/T Ant Gail


Iso said...

That Cuda looks sick and makes me want to burn rubber and run quarter miles all day, but if I had to choose one to have, I'd still rather take the Enzo.

Jeffro said...

Well, if I were to get one or the other for free - I'd take the Enzo. Then, I'd sell it and buy a 'Vette. I fear I'm a Chevy V8 guy.

That 'Cuda is a typical American solution - to match a finely tuned sports car with years of racing tradition and history, take an old muscle car and MORE POWER to make the ol' brick move! No matter if it stays on the ground at speed.

Dad Bones said...

"I'm a Chevy V8 guy."

What I wouldn't give to drive my brother's '55 Nomad, 265, 3 sp on the floor, one more time.

Jeffro said...

Dad Bones - don't you know it. I could handle driving it for the first time.