Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hmmm, Lessee Here

Hrmm, looking at a list. Georgia - yeah, been there. Tennessee - the same. Kentucky - several times. North Carolina - yep. Virginia - yeah, there too.

Hrmm. Michigan? Yep, unfortunately. Indiana? Oh yeah. Illinois - under protest. Ohio - a couple times. Iowa - all the time, baybee. Minnesota? Always in farging winter - as I type this I'm in Albert Lea and it's 5 below - Fahrenheit, that is.

Mmmmkay - Wisconsin. Haven't been there. Oh wait! Just dashed in and out yesterday. Cross that one off!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

SW WI can be really nice, depending on what parts. The "driftless region" is what the brainiac geologists call it. Seems the last glacier fergot to flatten it out, and it's derned perty. Barneveld, Mt. Horeb, Little Norway, Dodgeville. Good stuff. Way different from the corner I live in.

Earl said...

I was born in Albert Lea, about 1948, has it changed much? Yes it has, none of my people are closer than Rochester now.

Dad Bones said...

Reminds me of that old Johnny Cash song....'I've been everywhere, man'.