Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say What?


File this under the "You've got to be kidding me" department. I just saw this ad on the boob tube. Of course, someone had it up already on YouTube - plus I get a charge out of the little dialog box towards the end "fast internet or Cheap internet that sucks." So true.

I keep AOL around - yeah, I know - just in case. I stayed an my Sis's place for several days over Christmas, and while she resides in a major urban area, cable nor DSL is available for her. There are wireless solutions available, but she has it in her mind that she ought to be able to get broadband for the same price others down the road pay rather than double for the local wireless. So, I use my dialup access so I don't burn through all of her "unlimited" time with internet connection sharing. Just dipping my toe in the tar pit of dialup speeds (rather the lack of) was enough.

Yeah, Mark Goldston - I spend too much money on lighters - best get me two sticks to rub together - that'll save some bucks. I don't care for these newfangled cars that start themselves, require plugs every 100k, and put out more power with better mileage. I think a Tin Lizzie with a hand crank would get me by just fine. What do I need with a high definition television when I can make my own movies with a pad of paper? Oh, yeah, that's entertainment. Antibiotics? Who needs 'em? Let's go back to barbers who don't wash their hands - look at the money we'd save. Electricity? What for? Coal oil lamps all the way, baybee.

NetZero ad? Fail.

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