Saturday, December 26, 2009

So, There I Was

We were gathered outside in a bunch, shooting the breeze. Suddenly a call came in, and my leader announced we had a four wheeler to totally rebuild. Because that is what we do - rebuild ATVs. I grabbed a plastic radiator out of a long line of identical parts - off the ground. All of us started jogging across the field, headed to wherever the ATV apparently was. We were all wearing camo.

We had to go across a feedlot, and I managed to keep up the jogging pace by leaping between the fence bars. I had seen how muddy and crappy the ground looked, so I didn't want to crawl under the fence. It occurred to me that I hadn't been in that kind of shape in years.

We were out in the open again. However,behind us power lines were being disturbed, and some were falling out of the sky around us. Huge cables - eight to twelve inches in diameter, falling a half mile or more, landing on the ground sizzling, writhing and whipping about. So, we had to keep an eye on the sky to stay in the open and not under any of the mutant power lines.

Our group - still on the ATV repair mission - found ourselves in a more urban setting. It was an older section of town - old brick business buildings found close to the tracks. We still had to watch the power lines, but only the normal kind found in an old business district. Suddenly, our leader stopped at a small building about the size of an outhouse. It was a dingy white with galvanized louvered sheet metal panels mounted on the sides. He started speaking to someone hidden inside - apparently a reporter we had to speak with on the way to completion of our mission. Rebuilding an ATV.

The reporter started yelling at our guy, telling him that some celebrity or another shouldn't have said what they said, and how rude and tasteless it was. Then, another reporter on a panel started arguing counterpoint - standing up for what that particular celebrity had done. As I cleared the cobwebs from my brain, I realized I had fallen asleep in my sister's recliner with the television on, and had woken up during a "panel discussion" on some tabloid tv show.

I fumbled with the unfamiliar remote and couldn't get the damn tv off quick enough.


RT said...

Beats the dream I had, today, as I slumbered on the couch: I was living in the Houston area of Texas, it snowed, and I was outside in a chicken suit. Can't say I ever had a dream like that one.

I woke up to find New Yankee Workshop on. Norm was building a pantry.

Jeffro said...

Something we ate?

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Dude, lay off the shellfish. It'll make ya see spots.

Jinglebob said...

Stay away from the jalapeno's and anchovies mixed together!


Sezme said...

That's the thing. I had almost nothing all day. I wasn't feeling well and was just crashed on the big comfy couch. I'm still trying to figure out the chicken suit.

ptg said...

Probably something you took years ago.