Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm A Shameless, Dirty Old Man

Dr. Amy Mainzer,
35 years old, born in USA

Dr. Mainzer is a Research Scientist at JPL. For her thesis, she built the First Light Camera for SOFIA (FLITECAM) and observed brown dwarfs with it. She joined the WISE team and JPL in 2003. As the WISE Deputy Project Scientist, she works to ensure that WISE will meet its science requirements. She is also the principal investigator of a project to enhance WISE's ability to find new asteroids.

I just linked Dr. Mainzer after perusing her blog - not only is she a fabulous looking babe, she's also (obviously) hyper smart and has a sense of humor. Made of unobtanium - sigh.

I'm sure she doesn't need any links from me, but I found her writing to be accessible and enjoyable. If you are into the cosmos at all, check her out. She also appears on the History Channel's series The Universe - which is where I first found her. Who knows - I might actually learn something.

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