Saturday, October 06, 2012

You Can Take Me From The Farm

But you'll never get the farm outta this fat farm boy.

And us fat farm boys kinda like what lots think is way outta the mainstream, like organ meats, for instance.

Yep, this is liver and onions, only with mushrooms and a little bit of green bell pepper.

Normally I like to cut the liver in strips, but I was lazy tonight. I dredged the slices in some flour with some garlic powder and black pepper mixed in, and dropped them into hot oil. I kept a close watch, because overcooking will make this stuff tougher than boiled owl. In fact, I just browned the second side enough to fix the flour in place, more or less. I then added about a half large yellow onion, the tip of a green bell pepper, and a handful of mushrooms. I prefer some sort of red wine or cooking sherry for a sauce, but all I had was a Bock beer. I poured the whole bottle in, and mixed in some beef bouillon granules and more black pepper. I also turned the heat way down and put a lid on it to simmer.

It was a little thin, so I mixed up a bit of flour and cold water in a coffee cup and tossed that in. Thickened nicely.

Turned out really tender, so I did it right. I was kinda wondering how the beer would work - I think I like wine better as it makes the dish taste "richer" if that makes any sense. It seems to have a more complex flavor - maybe that is a better way of describing using wine.

But, hey, it worked out fine. Some brussel sprouts with butter and ReaLemon on the side - yum! I didn't get to involved with side dishes because trying to cook that while keeping track of how tough the liver can get just don't mix well for me. Normally good at multitasking in the kitchen - but you gotta be on your toes with this stuff.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a dinner for 3! OK, for two but very hungry.

As a variation, next time try sour cream instead of wine/alcohol. Ads kind of nutty flavor and makes liver melt in your mouth. Speaking of flavor: no need for bell pepper, garlic and mushrooms at all! They all belong to flavorless base dish, like stewed potatoes or omelet. Liver is flavorful enough in itself.

Bon appetite, Jeffro

The Local Malcontent said...

Man, you weren't lazy, you were in a hurry to eat. Looks great...

any left?

lisa said...

I am sorry to say but better you than me when it comes to liver! Now if you said, beef heart, chicken gizzards, ect. Well, now you are talking.