Saturday, October 06, 2012


Waiting for the crane operators to show up yesterday morning. Snow. And that temp is actually a tad high, since the sensor is located under the hood. You know, where that 550hp heat pump is.

I detest snow.

I hate the cold. I hate driving through it, when I'm empty. I hate how my wipers freeze up and I have to stop to clean them and the windshield off every half hour or so. I hate chaining up. I hate that I have to be parked when I'm loaded due to laws for adverse weather conditions for oversized loads. I hate when I have to work out in it, and how wet I get in a big hurry. I hate how I have to have two or three pairs of gloves so when one pair gets so wet my hands are freezing, I at least have another ready to go. I hate how long it takes those gloves to dry out, and how crusty and nasty they are when they do. I hate how slippery everything is and how unsafe the working conditions become during a snowstorm - the tanks are slippery, the cardboard we use for cushioning and to protect the paint from our straps gets wet and sloppy, ladders like to slip, walking on the trailer decks is unsafe, and the hydraulics on the crane don't like the cold so much, either.

Did I mention that I detest snow?

I like it fine when I'm sitting at home, warm in my recliner in front of the tv, with no danger of losing power or the internet (which is a concern during a blizzard), and a well stocked fridge and pantry. I'm never home like that, though.

And, while I'm cranky, I tried to post this picture on this blog yesterday from that site, but Android's browser isn't up to Windows standards yet. If you are familiar with Blogger, you know what your posting toolbar looks like - where you can choose your fonts, the size, the color, some common HTML stuff like italics, bolding and underlining, for instance. That is also where you can upload movies, pictures, make hyperlinks, put in folds, and some other goodies. The Droid browser only allows you to use the hyperlink function - anywhere you click on the toolbar brings up the hyperlink popup box. No matter what button you push.

So, I downloaded Firefox - figured I'd give it a try.

When I got to the same stage, it informed me I had to download a Google + plugin and I'd have to upload my pics to there to make it work. About that time the cell signal went from three 3G bars to one or two 2G bars, which was simply not working.

So, as far as I'm concerned, the internet on phones still has a ways to go yet. It's a lot better than when I had my Blackberry, but it still needs improvement in a lot of areas.


Anonymous said...

Ah, and I just baked a pie with ricotta and stewed fruit - would like to offer to you as a small consolation for a nasty weather...

Jeffro said...

Tatyana, I sure wish I could!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe the magnolia behind my window have mistaken the clement weather of last week for May and sprouted a full-blown flower, rosy petals and all? On my 4th floor I see the crown of the tree; never before had a chance to observe so many birds so close

Jess said...

It's around 85 down here and it's clear.

The forecast is for a frontal passage tonight, with isolated showers and tomorrows high around 65 degrees.

The weather is changing. I'll enjoy the change, but even our worse is never like what you're having to deal with.