Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Check This Out!

From GunsAmerica
I seem to be on an expensive toy kick lately. Like my Daddy used to say, champagne taste on a beer budget. While this may look like a Browning BAR, it is actually the Colt Monitor variant.

This puppy is in 7.62 Argentine and the asking price is $18,000. Some years ago, my local Merchant of Death and I ordered a couple BAR semi auto clones in 30.06, expecting the order to be processed within several months. Well over a year later, we got notice that they were ready to ship, but I was out of bucks. Just as well, I'd have ended up selling it later as I did so many other toys that go bang. I'd still like to shoot one, though. My MOD has his hanging in his gun shop looking ever so fine.

Would I buy this gun for $18k? Probably not - that kind of money can purchase a lot of expensive toys that would be of more value to me. I'm not that obsessive when it comes to collecting - I'd be afraid to shoot it in case it broke and devalued. I've had wall hangers before (John Wayne Winchester, anyone?), and got rid of 'em because I want things that go bang rather than just look at.

Still, cool meter is off the max peg.

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