Thursday, October 04, 2012

She's Pretty Scared

And rightly so.

Tamara Keel, the proprietress of View From the Porch, may or may not be suffering from skin cancer.

You may (or may not, which is why I mention this) remember she is pretty big in the Second Amendment blogger community, and when she linked my troubles after the fire at the farm, I received a chunk of money from donations thanks to the traffic she sent to my blog. She even made a donation.

I am forever in her (and her roomie's, and other bloggers, and my friends at home, relatives, and people I've never met) debt. Which is why I am asking y'all who may not know her to at least give her some words of encouragement or promise of prayer, or whatever. She has no health insurance, so a donation to her PayPal link would also be apropos.

As for me, I've got to wait until my electronically deposited paycheck clears sometime tomorrow morning before I will be able to do a damn thing. I will then make a deposit for sure.

Paying it forward is more than just a concept - it requires input beyond just talking. As far as I'm concerned, she is an excellent example of someone who deserves having some of the karma she has sent out returned.

So I ask of you to do what you can.


drjim said...

Consider it done!

Tam said...

Thank you very much.