Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stay Myopic, NYT!

As Massachusetts Governor, Romney Was Often Away

BOSTON — When the ceiling collapsed in the Big Dig tunnel here, Gov. Mitt Romney was at his vacation home in New Hampshire. When the Bush administration warned that the nation was at high risk of a terror attack in December 2003, he was at his Utah retreat. And for much of the time the legislature was negotiating changes to his landmark health care bill, he was on the road.

And so the vaunted New York Times examines just how derelict Governor Romney was as governor of Massechusetts.

I'm sure Mitt was gone when they say he was.

But excuse me, just what in the wide wide world of sports has our current President been doing for the past year or so? Besides all the vacations, golfing, and so on. Where is the equal and fair outrage?

Some of the liberal press have noticed that Teh Won really slipped in the first debate with Mitt. The Times, though, still has him walking on water.

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