Tuesday, October 23, 2012


With considerable bribery, I was able to pet Bob today. Just like I figured, my best strategy was to just hang out on Road Pig's office porch with a bit of treats beside me.

I sat and waited. Bob climbed to the top step and the porch, looking down. He stepped down to the ground. He looked all over. Finally, he eased up to the treats, and I was able to pet him. He even leaned into me a bit.

I also embarrassed myself - Road Pig, coming back from running an errand, caught me trying to keep from bawling. Petting Bob just brought back a rush of memories of petting Rooster.

Bob was pretty tickled to see RP, so I left him alone.

Fast forward to this evening. I step out. Bob is in the yard, obviously wanting some treats. I put some where I had in the past, but he was not coming in. No dice. So, I went back inside, knowing I'd still be able to work on him some more.

Then after supper, I stepped out, and he was there again. So, I sat down on the sidewalk, put the treats beside me and waited. Eventually he came, and I petted him for ten or fifteen minutes, even without treats.

No pictures cuz my hands were full and the later events were after dark.

It sure seems like this is about the extent of cat involvement I'm capable of handling just yet.


threecollie said...

Good news indeed.

lisa said...

Awe, it gets better and Bob sure is lucky to know you!

Jess said...

I imagine Bob has been looking for a friend for a long time.