Monday, October 01, 2012

To Everything There Is A Season


 I've been hearing this song in my head all day long. Guess why?

The leaves are changing in the North country - I first noticed it between Oberlin KS and McCook, NE on US83. These two pics were taken on the bridge over the Niobrara River just south of Valentine, NE. This particular basin is a sportsman's paradise - hunting and fishing are very good here, they say. Plus, it's purty as all get out.

These pics were taken in a little valley just south of White River, SD in a reservation area.

If you look closely, there are the remains of a foundation. Supposedly, that was a bar (upstairs) and a cathouse (downstairs) until the day all the local wimminfolk got PO's and burned it to the ground. This allegedly happened in the sixties - not so long ago.

I am NOT looking forward to winter, nor coming up thisaway during that time. It is, however, lookin' good in the fall duds.


Anonymous said...

Duds indeed! ;-) You do realize, when you get to my state, you are supposed to give me a heads up? :P

Jeffro said...

Yeah, my plans were all changed due to a dispatcher telling me one thing about my route, and the State of South Dakota deciding something entirely different.

drjim said...

That's one of the things I miss about living back in Illinois....the change of the seasons.

Out here in Kaliforniastan we have two seasons....HOT and WET!

lisa said...

I do love the changing of the seasons out here in the east but I really hate the people and the only thing nice is the trees that give a beautiful display for the fall season.