Monday, April 01, 2013

Crime Wave!

My little home town has seen it's share of historical crime - shootouts and such - mostly battling it out for the county seat with nearby Ingalls. The Santa Fe Trail ran right by, lots of Indian action in the area, and in more modern times, the Clutters were murdered in Holcomb about an hour away. We've had to deal with a drug problem - meth labs and such, and other recreational drugs can be found.

But we ain't never seen nuttin' like this:

Wasn't me. I swear.
Authorities are looking for a man who robbed a bank in Cimarron Monday.  The robbery happened around 11:40 at the Credit Union of Dodge  City on Main Street in Cimarron.Police say the suspect showed a gun inside the bank and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.  No one was injured during the robbery.The suspect is described as a white male, about 5'10" with a medium build.  He was wearing dark colored plastic sunglasses, a fake beard that covered most of his face and a hooded sweatshirt.The Gray County Sherriff's Office, the KBI and the FBI are asking anyone with any information to contact law enforcement at 620-855-3916.
Bank in this case means the Credit Union. You can imagine how stirred up Facebook is now. Hope "they" catch the SOB - we don't care for this sort of thing in our town, and won't stand for it.


drjim said...

Get a rope!

Jeffro said...


Anonymous said...

Send Earp and Masterson to track him down.

Anonymous said...

Is that so easy? "showed a gun" and was handed the cash
Even Pakistani owners of our bodegas are more resourceful

Jeffro said...

McGehee: I dunno if I'd trust 'em. Their pals hired out to fight on the side of Ingalls back in the county seat war and shot at US.

Tatyana: this is a pretty trusting community - car keys left in the car, doors left unlocked and so on. I don't know who was working the counter that day, but I'd bet the whole thing about gave her a heart attack.

Now that everybody knows for sure it can and probably will happen, many will be far more prepared.