Sunday, March 31, 2013

Very Irritating

Google is irritating me again today. I use the crap outta their stuff, but wow, can they be any more leftist than they are?

Okay, fine. Caesar Chavez's 86th birthday is today. He is a labor hero, as well as a Hispanic hero. Seems like today is something else as well:

Oh, I dunno, maybe it's just Easter. You know, that holiday that is considered highly important to Christians world wide because we celebrate the rebirth of Christ. You know, the cornerstone of our religion. I guess farm workers belonging to labor unions and Hispanics who admire Chavez are ever so much more important than the freaking rest of the world. Dunno why I'm surprised, Google is behaving normally. Leave it to the outfit that claims to commit no evil to snub Christians on a regular basis. Because recognizing a Christian holiday would be evil, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Here, can I console you with some pics from around here? Note the title.

Jeffro said...

Why yes, yes you can!

CGHill said...

We're getting a grade school named for Chavez. I'm pretty sure you can guess the local demographic.

Then again, Austin renamed First Street for Chavez.