Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where I Use Cartoons To Express My Position on an Issue

Of course I speak of Mayor Bloomberg's announcement that any sugary soft drinks over sixteen ounces would forever be verboten, and the subsequent setback by a NY State judge. So, how do we show our support Bloomberg? By showing fat, ignorant conservatives. A fat Oprah probably would be the wrong color, so making fun of a fat white guy is A-OK. Since nanny statist progressives are so tolerant and all.

Oliphant piles on with the fat asses carrying a dead guy, who obviously died from drinking way too many Big Gulps. Because it's all about the large sodas - nothing else out there will make ya fat. Mmmkay.

Yes, clearly this is all for our own good, as seen by those who know better that the rest of us who'd just like to be left alone. Because this is exactly what's happening - us tubbies are just pouring down the sugar in spite of ourselves, and the great advice we get from wonderful leaders like the Mayor.

Yep, it's all about the big sugar companies all banding together to stop this sort of thing. Huh? Big sugar? Learn something new every day. I expect their lobbyists are working overtime. Oh, wait, that's "Big Pharma."

Of course the idea that maybe, just maybe, the Mayor has overstepped his bounds and is meddling where he ain't wanted might just be the actual situation. I think we should take away his bodyguards since he's so against guns. Good for the goose, good for the gander, I say. Since sugar and guns are bad, what is he doing with all the guns surrounding him at all times? Killers, all of 'em. Best he stay away as well.

Of course the absurdity of the whole idea of banning just sodas never seems to occur to many. Probably don't want to give 'em any ideas, but doesn't anybody on the left side of the political divide see how futile this all is? Okay, just answered my own question. It's more important to LOOK like yer doin' something than to actually accomplish anything. Silly me.

It is to laugh. The lower state court justice who overturned this idiocy has my respect. Of course, when one wants to be a complete Richard Cranium, one keeps on fighting, as it were. Bloomberg will appeal.

Yep, this is your tax dollars at work. Not finding jobs, or keeping us secure in our own houses, but rather worried about how much pop y'all drink.

I drink diet, if I do. So there.

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