Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Can Hear My Father Speaking To Me

And if I should be so stupid as to try Dolly's lazy ass scheme to keep from going outside, he'd be saying:
Shut that window, son! Are you trying to heat the great outdoors?!? Use your head for something besides a hat rack! If you can't think of anything better to do, I'll put you to work on something useful!"
And he'd be right.

And just because I seem to pick on the hoary old computer generated legacy strips that should have died a long time ago, here's another one:

Finally, after all these years, Hi stands up to Lois's soft tyranny of the job jar on weekends. She doesn't have one, but Hi has been dutifully emptying the thing out every weekend for decades, and it always fills back up. But he has tired of playing Sisyphus, and just wants a nap. It'll cost him, though. That look on Lois's face says couch for you tonite, pal.

I'm sure that is Alice's view on how things work - she's just there to make sure Dennis has stuff to get dirty and tear up. Not only is Dennis a Menace, he's a thoughtless little bastard, too.


David said...

Ever thought about picking on an old Peanuts cartoon?

Jeffro said...

David: I think I have some time ago - I can relate to CB and his angst, and I still think Snoopy is cool, but I surely cannot stand Lucy or Violet.

LotusBee said...

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