Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Like I Care

I just heard on the news (and have seen it online as well) all about Kate Middleton's possible slip that she is having a girl.
After the Duchess of Cambridge was given a teddy bear at the appearance by a bystander, a woman in the crowd says she heard the royal say, “I’ll give this to my d-,” before stopping herself. When the woman asked her to confirm what she’d just heard, the duchess gave a very, well, politically conscious reply. The exchange was caught on video!
As far as I'm concerned, this ranks right up there in significance with Justin Bieber's latest hairdo, or what Madonna does next, or for that matter what Lady Gaga is up to. Even less newsworthy might be what the Kardashians think about some issue or another, anything to do with Michael Jackson, Snooki, Alec Baldwin and, and, and.....

I think y'all get the idea.

I realize there are reams of people for whom the Royals' every move is like a drug they just cannot take enough of to be satisfied. Not so much for me.

However, it did remind me of a bad joke. And you know me, I'm more than willing to sacrifice any image of taste that I might have earned by telling these things. So, here goes:

Three pregnant women were at lunch, discussing their conditions. The first, a brunette, started the conversation by saying that she'd heard an old wives' tale that the sexual position used when the child was conceived determined the sex of the baby. Since her husband had been on top, she was going to have a boy.

So, the second woman, a redhead, spoke up and added that she would be having a girl, since she was on top. This prompted the third lady, a blonde, to burst into tears.

After several attempts to settle her down so she could speak coherently, she finally said:

"I'm gonna have puppies! Wahhhhhhh!" 

"D" does not only stand for daughter. Just sayin.'


threecollie said...

Ya know what naive is? Somebody who had to think for a while to get the joke. Sad isn't it. rofl.....finally.

Anonymous said...

"D" stands for...darling? daddy? domestic [servants]?

As to taste in dirty jokes - you are in distinguished company with classic of Russian Literature Alexandr Pushkin. In his
Tale of a Tzar Sultan he wrote:
Went Tzarina into labor
And delivered at night
Not a son and not a daughter
Not a mouse
And not a froglet
But a Baby Beast Unknown!

Jeffro said...

I was hinting at "dog," thus the stupid puppy joke.

jed said...

You forgot Honey Boo-Boo.

Speaking of Kardashians:
who wears it better?

Jeffro said...

Honey Boo Boo? Brrrr.....

Shamu looks pretty svelte.