Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Not Quite His Point

Of course Mike Luckovich's point here is hahaha isn't La Pierre a hypocrite because he'll go through all the TSA screenings just to fly, but he won't stand for background checks when it comes to guns. What a moron, etc, so on and so forth.....

I'm sorry - well - maybe not so much - but you've been missing the point entirely, Mikey Luckovich. We are not wild about the screenings because they are just as effective in combating terrorism as background checks are combating criminals from getting guns. People who value their liberty object to both types of screenings.

Which is probably why we'll never reach a compromise with useful idiots like Luckovich. In his world, the TSA screenings are A-OK because there is someone doing something that makes him feel better. No matter if it works, it makes him feel better. Same with gun control measures - someone in charge is doing something. Actual operational effectiveness is not a criteria for judgment. Feeling good about it is.

So "they" don't care how or what we think about personal liberties, as long as their collective feelings are massaged. Which is why we need to beat 'em at the ballot box, out organize them, and outmaneuver them in every way to preserve and regain our rights. Let 'em whine, they sure as hell think that way about us. Why do we think we owe them something?


Anonymous said...

Lucko has always been irony impaired.

Jeffro said...

Very! Heh.