Saturday, March 09, 2013

My Head Aches

After looking at this car:

Be sure and click for larger. You wouldn't want to miss anything.

This is the FinnJet, built by a 71 year old former Finn Artie Rahko.

It’s made from two Mercedes station wagons and many, many other parts that Rahko has added continuously over twelve years.

At the Essen Motor Show in Essen, Germany, this huge model became one of the most controversial events attractions. Unprecedented way ship curb weight 3.4 tons scrolls to 8 rounds and will take up to 10 passengers. Although it passed two old estate Mercedes-Benz 300 TD but also includes parts of 40 other cars. These include for example. 86 projectors, 36 mirrors and 3 rechargeable batteries.  A vehicle approved to normal traffic had built for 10 years and considers it to be a work of art the value of $ 950,000.

Finnjet measures 8,839 mm, is controlled by the front and rear wheels, and the cabin features a microwave, 2 air conditioning systems, refrigerators, televisions, kitchen stove and even a complete sauna! For a relaxing ride along motorway reportedly consumes on average just 9.4 liters of diesel per 100 km.

It also comes equipped with a microwave, television, freezer and a couple of air conditioning units. What’s more, there’s even a functional sauna fitted in the passenger cabin. To keep the beautiful beast running, three batteries and three alternators have been installed.
You really should go to the link to see all the other pics. I always get a kick out of folk art - because that is what this is. At some point, excessive gaudiness turns into art, and this is about as arty as it gets!


HEATHER said...

Brings to mind that Johnny Cash song, One Piece At A Time.

Jeffro said...


Anonymous said...

Sexy guy! [despite the Brezhnev eyebrows]
Those teenagers and me, staring at...same face. Only my jaw was lower.

Jeffro said...

He looks more like a gangster to me, but my criteria is far different I'm sure!

And yes, I think there was the distinct sound of my jaw hitting my chest at first as well.....

Angela said...

I feel like I'm speechless...but then again this is really something. It must've took someone a lot of time to put this together.