Thursday, April 04, 2013

How Mens' Minds Work

It was not a man who noticed the lack of a seatbelt. Just sayin.'

H/T Nuckle Kim


Bob's Blog said...

I'll admit, the lack of a seat belt was not what I noticed.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, Jeffro, but here, at least, you're not right. There are men...and then there are contractors.

Following is the digest of plumbers' forum (in RU). Comment threads under the photos say:
-what kinda jerk installed extra 8-sections radiator there? in a hi-rise building this will screw up the stack pressure
-look, this is not a steel shower hose - it's plastic painted as metal! it'll last approx. a week!
-I'm always nervous around the broken tiles around bathtub; you never know if it 'll fall and cut you while you work
-these tub is not siliconed properly. what's the point of waterproofing the shower valve if next to it is a gap for a water entry!

etc, etc

Jeffro said...

Well, yeah, Tatyana. That's technical stuff. We're picky as hell about THAT sort of thing.

We just lose all that when it comes to wimmin.

Anonymous said...

Wimmin? Jeff, did you click on my link?
Somehow I doubt the first thing you'd noticed @that pic would be the extra radiator (even though helpfully circled in red)

Jeffro said...

You're right - I didn't look until just now.

Something wrong with those guys......

Not. Normal. At. All.

jed said...

Appears the vehicle is stationary; no seat belt needed.

Besides which, the airbags are already deployed.

I would've used a smaller f-stop too.

Jeffro said...

jed: Uh, yeah....


Anonymous said...

See? Jed gets it!
He'll pass the Russian Plumber test fer sur