Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm All For Liking This

This is an exchange I noticed on Facebook the other day. It's all local women posting, except for the instructor.

While the big robbery the other day was an influence, I know for a fact that it was just a tipping point. These women had been considering taking a class so they could carry concealed for some time and had been putting it off. The robbery was just a reminder.

I cannot tell you how much this gives me the warm fuzzies.

I am very happy indeed that our state and local laws allow and encourage women to be able to defend themselves effectively. They are completely aware that law enforcement is quite a bit of time away from them should there be any trouble, and that the local LEOs feel that women should be armed if they choose.

Plus, this is not the only thread talking about women taking concealed carry - there are others who are committed as well.

Like I said before: we don't care for this sort of thing in our town, and won't stand for it. This includes the women - not just us guys beating our chests. If someone is planning a repeat, best keep this in mind.

Edited to add: I had nothing to do with this - it was all from our local women! I just happened to see it on Facebook! And, I'm proud of them all!


drjim said...

Good for you, Jeff!

I hope you have MORE than enough interest to fill the class.

Jeffro said...

It wasn't ME! This was local women!!!!

Jess said...

I've spent some time examining our current society. With many young folks, the security of marriage - or even a full time partner - is not available.

Concealed carry has become necessary. The police can only do so much and the predators are thriving.

lisa said...

That is great to hear! I am glad that I did it. I love my hand guns. I finally got my first long arm that is mine and not the hubbies, now I am waiting for good weather to go target shooting for the first time with it! I loved hearing when Oklohoma put into effect the right to carry out in the open!