Friday, April 19, 2013

Only Shooting Stars Break The Mold

I do not have an iPod. I do, however, have a Sansa mini - I rarely use it and would have to look at the back to tell you the model. It works, though, and on long trips in the Chebby Z71 it's at work.

So, since the fire, that and my laptop are the repository of all my music. Luckily I digitized my CD collection last year - and found that a lot of my CDs had been rendered unplayable from too many miles in the various OTR trucks I've driven.

That's neither here nor there, this post is about stuff that y'all would probably not expect to find on the device. For instance:


I've always thought ol' Dwight was pretty cool. My opinion of him went up when he costarred in Billy Bob Tbornton's Sling Blade portraying the abusive Doyle. He's not taken up the acting bug and stuck with music, which is our loss. He's a good actor.

Speaking of pretty cool, there's Clint Black:


Good stuff.

Then, switching musical genres completely:


Completely different, but entirely listenable AFAIC. Of course this was featured in the animated movie Shrek, which was a major hoot.

And besides that, there is wisdom in the line:

Only shooting stars break the mold

Dern tootin.'


jed said...

I can dig me some Smash Mouth. Hey, it isn't just any band that cover The Monkees.

Dad Bones said...

Dwight's the man. Just ask the ladies.

I agree with your comment on his Sling Blade acting.