Thursday, April 25, 2013

Un Freaking Believable

What a load of - of - something.... IMHO, Jeffy now has carte blanche to kick Dolly's ass early and often. The spineless little weasel wouldn't do it, unless Mommy did it for him. At any rate, Dolly is in sore need of an attitude adjustment, probably involving corporal punishment applied to her bottom. Just sayin.'


drjim said...

That little bitch is gonna grow up to be a great big bitch!

She is 100% "Entitlement Generation" who want everything without working for it just because they "deserve" it.

And her parents are 100% to blame for fostering this attitude in her.

I'll bet her Mom drives a Volvo and wears Birkenstocks!

The Local Malcontent said...

Yeah, here comes your 'idolization', Dolly, close your eyes... ...

What's gotten into the Keanes lately anyhow? Their comics haven't been cute or funny for awhile.

Jeffro said...

Big Daddy Bil passed away - but he hadn't been doing cartoons for years. His son took over.