Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cry Me A River

The Senate can now officially consider it's ass has been chewed by Our Thwarted Dear Leader.

Nothing that was defeated would actually prevent or stop the killings that prompted this move. They were, however, infringing on our Constitutional freedoms. Obama claims the NRA "willfully lied" about gun registration. No, asshole, they didn't lie because your minions have said that registration is your goal. You, on the other hand, are lying when you and yours claim ninety percent support for the defeated legislation. You are also lying when you claim guns can be purchased without background checks on the internet.

Dancing in the blood of your constituents in order to advance your treasonous plans fails to impress us, Mr. President. Go back to ignoring the British and hide behind your teleprompter, before history rolls over you and your traitorous ass.

You may have guessed I don't care for getting my butt chewed for this shit.


threecollie said...

The boss was watching his tirade on TV yesterday and Beck and I made him turn it down real low so we didn't have to listen in the kitchen. I think it is well characterized as a temper tantrum....worthy of an over-tired two-year-old

drjim said...

We've won a single, small battle, but we still have the war to win!