Thursday, January 24, 2013

"What Difference At This Point Does It Make?"


Well, plenty Madame Secretary.

You claim your department just didn't have the money for security at Benghazi. You did find a way to fund these projects:
According to Hillary Clinton’s long-delayed Benghazigate testimony, the State Department just did not have enough money to provide security for a mission in one of the most dangerous places in the world.
It did however have 16 million dollars to spend on 2,500 kindle book readers at the drastically inflated price of $6,600 per device.
How much security could that 16 million buy?
It had $79,000 to spend on Obama’s books and $20,000 on a portrait of Obama. The US Embassy had $150,000 to spend on a book about the ambassador’s residence. The US Embassy in Austria had $150,000+ for a Chevy Volt and its charging station.
And here is what else Hillary’s State Department did have money for…
7.9 billion dollars for Obama’s Global Health Initiative.
1 billion for global climate change.
2.2 billion to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan.

And of course… Mosque renovations.
In 2011 the State Department provided funds to restore the 15th century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina State in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north, an area which has become a virtual killing field for Christians at the hands of Muslim militants, led by the al-Qaeda-linked terror group Boko Haram.<

And $4.5 million for Art in Embassies
The New York Times reported in 2009 that Art in Embassies spends about $4.5 million a year for permanent art acquisitions; chief curator Virginia Shore said at the time that artists and dealers support the program via favorable pricing; for the embassy in Beijing, an outlay of $800,000 yielded works with an appraised value of $30 million.

How much Benghazi security would 800,000 dollars have bought? If Hillary Clinton had stopped buying paintings, maybe four Americans would still be alive today.
The State Department also has a Chief Diversity Officer, whose job it is to warn that “holding the fort” is a racist phrase.
As far as security goes, 200 million dollars were wasted on Iraqi police training that never went anywhere.
And nothing says State Department waste, like waste management.
The U.S. Department of State and partners from the LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Forum announce a challenge to identify ten game-changing innovations with the potential to transform current waste management systems and practices. LAUNCH: Beyond Waste seeks transformational solutions to the problem of waste through disruptive innovation, behavioral change, systems design, as well as improved policy and stewardship.
The challenge, which will be open from April 1 to May 15, 2012, asks creative minds to formulate innovative ideas for minimizing waste or transforming it into new products.
Nope, no waste to see here.
The State Department just had no money in its 50 billion dollar budget to pay for Benghazi security. None at all.

People under your watch were killed, Madame Secretary - people that would be alive today if you weren't preoccupied with your political future, amassing power and favors, greasing up foreign leaders for donations, .keeping up with appearances, etc, etc, etc.

I always knew you were just another slimy politician, and even though I'd have supported you over the current resident of the White House, it's clear you do not have the command ability to manage foreign policy, much less the whole nation. Not like that stops anybody else, but you severely fumbled your 3AM phone call. On top of that, the prevarication involving a YouTube video and outright lies only added to the lack of respect you deserve now.

Rand Paul had it right.

Edited to add this Ramirez cartoon:

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Anonymous said...

They do not even hide it anymore. They think themselves untouchable.
And the worst thing is? They are right.

I am back home from a showroom event where I "networked" and I was talking to this guy - a hard-working new business owner. He spent 2 years to get his business firmly on its feet, taught himself things he didn't know, etc etc. A model entrepreneur, right? And then he casually mentions how sorry he was being to busy to go to DC to be "present at this historic inauguration". Whaaa?!?

The world is upside down and I am sick to see it all.