Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Decisions, and Being Grumpy

I had to go to a little spot on the map north of Norfolk, NE yesterday - got unloaded and pointed south. I figured I'd run out of hours at York, so I got reservations at a Super 8 there that has nice truck parking.

And I'd seen how it was snowing in that area when I'd checked on my phone, so it was no surprise to start  hitting slick roads about sixty miles away. They turned into snow packed roads with a fair amount of fresh falling the closer I got. Still managed to ease in here late in the evening okay. Hate driving in snow in the dark, too. Don't care much for it in the daytime, either.

But now all the roads are crap. I'm not prohibited from driving through this stuff like I am when I'm loaded (oversize loads are restricted when the roads and or weather is crummy), but Lordy I do not want to have to fight completely snow packed and blowing roads all day. If I go south on US81 I head right into the meat of the snowfall yesterday in Kansas. I can't go west on I80 because it's closed to the west. After checking all the maps, I had originally thought that would be the way to go, because the roads are marginally better west.

So I'm gonna just park my happy ass here for a while and wait it out for a few hours, anyhow.

Have I mentioned how much I hate driving a truck through this s$@t?


lisa said...

I give you credit because I sure wouldn't do it, I hate it in a regular car and truck, I would really hate it in those big trucks!

Anonymous said...

This is good news. If it was up to me, you wouldn't drive at all, it's such a dangerous business.[yes, I know somebody has to do it. so?]

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