Monday, January 07, 2013

Counting the Days

Until this little $&(t gets back on the short bus and it hauls him away and outta the house.

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lisa said...

I finally made it over to see what you have had to post. I am glad I made it over and I have to say, I am always in agreement 99% of the time and I am glad I come over to visit. I usually try to stay away from the politics on my blog but I do love listening to what is said on others. I get so pissed off with our government and how stupid some of our people can truly be when it comes to politics and what is going on in our world today. That is why I don't blog about it on my blog. I had one of my friends (not anymore)go on about how farmers take care of their animals (activists) that I had to defriend her on facebook. I probably should realize that other people are saying the same thing about me the same way :)