Sunday, January 06, 2013

It's OK, He's a Liberal

I do not care much for Governor Chris Christie. He's got to be one of the worst high profile RINOs in the country. That (R) tacked on to his name is just there for some sort of political gain for the Governor rather than an ideological indicator. And Christie has proven himself a RINO by taking several dumps all over his "fellow" Republicans lately. Actions that are clearly a precursor to better mass appeal for a run for President.

But the fact that he is obese is no reason for this kind of cartoon. How does this spark a thought process, other than cruel slapstick? How does this advance a political position? Danziger just shows me how small minded he really is here by going all in on the cheap shot. I am surely inspired to greater political thought by this cartoon. Not.

I thought being a liberal meant being tolerant and understanding, and defending people with physical differences. I'm just a knuckle dragging conservative, so I'll talk about someone being on the short bus or similar, but were I a liberal, as the narrative goes, I'd have to shut my mouth. No gay jokes, fat jokes, Obama's big ear jokes, or whatever.

But since Christie is self identified as a "R" he is fair game for a liberal editorial cartoonist, just because. I suspect I should just shut up and deal with it, because it's really not hypocrisy when it's a liberal doing it.


Jess said...

I find it ironic that people will trust the decisions of someone that can't decide to not eat the extra doughnuts.

Then again, I find it ironic that people that struggle to live have no problem with a President that pisses off their money by flying to Hawaii for Christmas vacation.

drjim said...

Your title says it all, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Well, by the same token I remember several bloggers from our side of the divide were making clever (as they thought) joke re: thickness of Hillary's ankles or how Nancy P. looks just like a witch from Oz. It felt as appalling then as now, and exactly for the reasons you said.

To Jess: you might not know it, not many people who had a misfortune to have personal acquaintance with it do - but most of patients with endocrinological problems eat very little. Their problem is not amount of calories they consume or the appetite they can not suppress, but inability of their bodies to process and store fuel the way they supposed to. Many fat people are fat not because they can't control their food intake - but due to screwed up metabolism. And the worse part? So called "endocrinologists" doctors don't know how to help and what regime of pills to maintain. Other than textbook cases of diabetes, they don't know how to diagnose and treat these conditions.

Jeffro said...

I dunno if y'all know it or not, but I am morbidly obese and diabetic to boot, and a former smoker 'til I had the zipper in my chest installed.

You have a point, Tatyana. I've called Hillary "Cankles" before, which makes me a hypocrite as well. I just don't have the audience some of these folks do.

Anonymous said...

OK, now I'm simply uncomfortable.

[an awkward silence fell]

Jeffro said...

That was not my aim, Tat!!!!


Jess said...

I've had a weight problem since adolescence. If I eat as much as I want, I can gain over thirty pounds in a year; been there; have the t-shirt.

Most people eat too much and do too little. I know people that fight their weight due to diabetes or thyroid problems and they rarely don't recognize their problem and fight a battle that can be almost impossible to win. They have my sympathy and I know how much it affects their lives.

So, I make jokes, but rarely about individuals other than politicians. I don't care for most politicians and consider them fair game.