Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On The Subject of New Year's Resolutions

I have decided to emulate Calvin's attitude. Brothers in arms, as it were. You all are gonna have to change to suit me - I figure that will work just as well as the stellar efforts I've had in keeping my resolutions in the past. Make you bastards treat me better, in the style to which I'd surely enjoy becoming accustomed.

Yeah, like that will work.

At any rate, y'all have yourselves a fine New Years Day with your loved ones, and may the brand spankin' New Year bring great fortune and prosperity to you all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, and a blessed New Year to you Jeffro!

Earl said...

Thank you for your better than your banter blessings, I do hope the LORD will continue to light your fires of friendship and love through all your times alone, in the dark and the terrible. And you will continue to make my, and so many others, days brighter and bushy tailed. Be safe! See you on the road one day.

Jeffro said...

I thank both you gentlemen!

Jess said...

You too.

I'm afraid my age is contributing to my general feeling most people don't realize something until it figuratively bites off their leg. So, the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon really hit a note.

threecollie said...

Happy New Year, Jeffro. I hope it surprises all of us in a good way for a change.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, don't make me do that! Change, what change?

My NY's day went exactly as you wished: a feeding session for my son and his girl. I loved it. She usually picks tiny scraps, like a birdie, but today she actually ate like a human person!And we chatted...yeah, the new year started on right.

Have a warm and wonderful year, Jeff; don't you ever change.

Jeffro said...

3C: That would be a change. Snork!

Tatyana: Glad yours is starting out in such a positive manner! And don't worry, I'm too damn stubborn to change!