Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crappy Video

Probably shoulda cut this video considering how much of it really doesn't show what I wanted it to.
This is the area where Duff Farms is, who I covered in a past post. Somewhere out in all those acres is a herd of buffalo. Most aerial views of Kansas shows how the prairie has been cut into squares for farming, but this ground is too rough. There is quite a valley on the far side of the rise I am running beside - but it is beyond the capabilities of my phone video camera to capture. And most of the shots I take like this seem to flatten out the terrain as well. It really is picturesque, even if this doesn't quite cut it.

And I'm holding that phone as still as I can. That is considered a smooth road, and I do have some tremors in my hands, but most of that is the ride - bouncing up and down and back and forth going down the road. Each and every mile.

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